Dollhouse 'Do
11 Hawtrey Terrace, Johnsonville, Wellington

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You asked. And so did you. And you. 

How far out should I book you for my wedding?
It is always best to email in and check that your date is available ASAP. I then pencil you in and when you are 6 months out from your wedding date, I will email you to confirm we are proceeding with the booking. 

How do we confirm a booking?
You are sent an invoice once you have confirmed all of the information. Then, 20% of that invoice needs to be paid to secure your date. 

When should we book a trial?
A trial is always best to have a few weeks out from the wedding. This is so we can make sure your hair is in a similar condition/length/colour to how it will be on the day.

How long does a trial take?

You are allocated one hour for your trial. Trials are held at: 11 Hawtrey Terrace, Johnsonville.

How do I prepare for a trial?
Make sure you have "day old hair" (that it hasn't been washed freshly on the day). Please bring any hair accessories/veil you would like to wear on your wedding day so we can check how your accessories sit with your hairstyle. I ask brides to wear make up on their trial date. This is because it is always nice to see a more 'finished look' at the end. Nobody likes sitting at the hair dressers with out make up on, staring into a mirror the whole time! It is also nice to wear a similar neck line to your wedding dress so you can see how your neck, collarbones, shoulders and back work with your style. If you will be wearing permanent extensions on the day please make sure you have them in for the trial. Your trial is to be paid for in cash on the day. Please also bring any photos for inspiration :)

How much is the travel cost?
A fee will be given once you provide the wedding-prep location. It is set at standard IRD mileage rates. Which is currently (as of March 13th 2019) 0.76c per KM.

What time will you arrive on the wedding day?
The best way to work this out is to work backwards. Take the time you want to be at the ceremony and minus the below:
-The time it takes to get from your wedding-prep location to the ceremony location
-30 mins to have a drink and have photos (also a buffer for if anything is behind schedule)
-30 mins to get into your dress/shoes/jewels/perfume etc (this always takes longer than expected because of the photography)
-1 hour for the bridal hair
-40 minutes for each bridesmaid/extra head
-20 minutes for each flower girl


Once you have taken away all the above, you will get the time that I should be arriving at your wedding prep venue. 

Do you do wedding hairstyling in Auckland?
Yep, sure do. Please get in contact ASAP so we can book the cheapest flights.

How many people can you style in one morning?
I can style up to 8 people before I will need to bring in an assistant. I have trained 'Curl Girls' who are also able to come prep the hair on the day before I style it.