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Read it, and take it on in. You have my permission to feel completely in control of 

your day and your choices.

Repeat after me. It is my wedding. I am allowed it my way. My opinion is not only valid, but most important. 


People seem to be under a lot of pressure when it comes to weddings. Things “have to be a certain way” for certain people. Now I’m going to say it loud and clear (well, type it bold and underlined) that you should be under no pressure from anyone, at any time. And if I’m going to be brutally honest, it is often family members (and the mothers) that are the ones putting on that pressure. I mean, I get it. Their baby girl getting married is a HUGE day for them too. But you need to remember that YOU have the last say. And if you want it to be, the ONLY say.


For Your Hair Trial:

We all enjoy feed back, yeah? But the rule of thumb in my chair is that no one speaks their mind about the finished look until the bride does. If your person you brought along to your trial wants you to have a traditional updo but you want a boho waved look, well, TOUGH. We need to hear your option first before anyone else speaks, kapeish?! I always say, the wedding day is a circus, and you are the Ring Master. So if there is anything you dont like, absolutely let it be known! If there is something anyone else doesn’t like, but you do, I couldn’t care less. I want a HAPPY bride who feels 100% BEAUTIFUL and nothing less that her BEST. So for your trial, be sure to bring someone who lifts you up, makes you feel wonderful and is going to support your vision for your big day. Also, let them know about the rule too. I’m willing to sound sassy if it means getting your dream style on your day. I got you, Doll. 


Natasha x