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The Crème de la crème! These Wellington based photographers are not only unbelievably talented at what they do, but they are also wonderful people who all preach capturing "realness". I feel confident, relaxed and beautiful around them and I'm POSITIVE you will too. 

Patina Photography -  Husband and wife, travelling side by side. We tell love stories.
I first met Michelle when I was about 15 and posed as a live doll for a shoot she was doing. We laughed, a lot. We still do. Her and her Husband, Hemi, pair together to make award winning magic. And even though they are utter rockstars in the photography world, they still are humble, hilarious and completely in love. I choreographed their first wedding dance, just putting it out there....

What advice will you give to couples when thinking about photography for their wedding day?

"Think of your wedding as a party - the word wedding comes with a lot of expectation and traditional baggage, but your wedding doesn't have to be that way! If you think of your wedding as a party you are hosting (the greatest party you will ever throw!) Then you can start thinking about how you want it to be from the ground up. Does the reception need to be after the ceremony? Or can it be before? Why do you have to get ready in separate houses? Is it crazy to have speeches during the cocktail hour instead of dinner? Thing about how you would host a party for your closest friends: location, style, entertainment... and then let your vision flow out of that!"

What are some of your favourite wedding venues in NZ?
"We have some favourite local venues:

The Milk Station



But we especially love couples who make the most of NZ's stunning natural beauty. Why not hire an amazing marquee (@flagshipeventsnz, @topkatatents, @twelve_tables) and party wherever you choose, from the coast to the mountains."

Favourite Drink?

"Pina colada"

How do I find her and check out their work?

Phone: +64 27 481 3073



Jaymee Photography - Honest, passionate and creative storytelling.
Jaymee and I met at a place we both worked called Rubber Monkey. We would hold out until lunch time (mostly) to talk about our plans of photoshoots, weddings and other things best left off the website. During my first photoshoot with Jaymee, I felt so calm and beautiful. She was like my personal 'Hype Girl', always giving me positive feedback, making me feel confident and making my cheeks hurt from bringing out my beaming smile. I have had many shoots since, she is incredible! Jaymee has a really natural, soft, romantic style, much like her own personality. 

Hey Jaymee, what advice do you give to couples when thinking about photography for their wedding day?

"Wedding photography is about creating images that connect with your story and have personal meaning. Try to communicate and share your ideas with your photographer. I love getting to know my couples!


Consider the best time of day and lighting for your photos. Bright sun isn’t the most flattering light photos. Sunset is my favourite time, however, this time of day might not fit with your timeline so try to pop out for 10 minutes during your reception for these shots.

Consider all of the different locations where you will have photos during the day. Think about where you are getting ready. Allow enough space to feel relaxed and comfortable. Spaces with clean walls and lots of light always look great. When it comes to your bridal party and couple photos think about a place that looks inspiring and is special to you.

If you’re feeling nervous about photos talk to your photographer and let them know you are hoping to get some guidance. I love natural shots and I try to keep my directions to a minimum but will offer suggestions to help you feel comfortable.
Laughing is the perfect way of getting past those nerves and it looks great.

My best piece of advice - enjoy it and don’t sweat the small stuff too much! Your wedding doesn’t have to look or be a certain way. Make it your own, have fun!"

What are some of your favourite wedding venues in NZ?

"I love The Milk Station in Otaki. There are so many difference spots for photos and the whole area is beautiful! It has a mediterranean feel to it, the colours look amazing in photos.

I can appreciate back yard and garden weddings. I grew up on a farm and spent a lot of time outdoors during my childhood. I’m all about going on adventures. I also like to support smaller and upcoming venues. "

Favourite Drink?

"I’m a born and bred kiwi gal when it comes to enjoying a drink. I’m not fussy but I will usually go for a glass of sav or cheeky G&T."

How do I find her and check out her work?
Phone: +64 27 725 7272